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threat information - CoolWebSearch


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Danger Level: 4 / 5

CoolWebSearch - Threat Information

Risks and Problems Associated With: CoolWebSearch
CoolWebSearch (also known as CoolWWWSearch or abbreviated as CWS) first appeared in May 2003 and is well known as a spyware program which installs itself on Windows based computers. Once installed it will display ads, gather user data and slow the speed of infected computers.

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CoolWebSearch Information
File Name:

Risk: 4
Type: Spyware
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Some versions of CoolWebSearch can be installed through drive-by installation, in which a computer browsing a webpage automatically installs CWS. CWS itself attempts to evade others by not labelling its ads, not providing an EULA, not providing any data about itself and not having a website. Certain variants insert links on random text, leading to advertiser websites. Other attempts to access websites are redirected to pay-per-click search engines that may install more malware display ads. Some variants of CWS also add links to pornography and gambling sites to the user's Desktop, Internet Explorer's bookmarks and history. Certain versions attempt to edit users' trusted sites and modify security settings as well as to hide from removal programs. Variants are often named for the effects they have such as msconfig, Msoffice, Mupdate, Msinfo and Svchost32.

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