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Privacy Controls Reviewed

Privacy Controls is an all-in-one history eraser: Erase PC history, Internet history, search history, temporary files, cache files, MSN files, MySpace, Yahoo, Application history and much more.

Rating: 9.5/10

history eraser reviewed
ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is about the most effective and efficient history eraser that we have tested so far. We ran Privacy Controls on various machines that were completely cluttered with junk, and it managed to completely clean up and clear everything.

Not only did we find this product useful for erasing history and confidential data, but we also experienced increases of performance by upto 10% on our test machines. This was primarily due to cleaning out the clutter and hidden junk. For that fact alone, we recommend the product 100%.

The real power however, is in its ability to clear out all historical data and information that you don't want anyone else to see. PrivacyControls cleans out web history, search history, PC history, temp files, cache files, cookies and a lot more. It even has the ability to completely shred files that you want to eradicate.


Free Scan

The free scan is a trial download that you can install and run on your machine.


- Free trial download
- Compatible with all major Windows operating systems
- Scan and view history items
- Shred data you no longer want
- Increases PC performance and speed
- Continual updates and development

The scan is broken down into the following major groups. That way you can decide exactly which items to remove or keep:

- Windows Cache & History
- Internet Browsing History
- Chat and Instant Messaging History
- MS Office History
- Multimedia History
- File Sharing History
- Email Trash
- Third Party Application History

Support: - Email support
- Live tech support
Screen Shots:

history eraser
fig 1: Expanded view of Windows items

history eraser screenshot
fig 2: File shredder

history eraser screenshot
fig 3: listing of groups which are scanned

history eraser screenshot
fig 4: group scanning options

The Verdict:

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls was quite a surprise for me. I was expecting a pretty bland and basic history eraser. But this thing was from it. It was extremely advanced, fast and has a great easy-to-use interface.

For non-technical folk, the news is even better. The program is extremely easy to install and it is so easy to use, that it literally only takes a couple of clicks.

You can also expect a decent performance gain from your PC after running this program. This will depend on how cluttered your PC is, but some systems will see huge gains.

On a final note, I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I usually do my own history deleting. But this program found things on my system that I had no idea about. There was things from years back, which I thought were gone....Well they are gone now, lucky I found PrivacyControls before anyone else did.

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