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NoAdware is a basic spyware and adware remover that does a pretty good job. This software has a lightweight interface that is easy to use. There are no frills with this package, but it is still definitely better than nothing.

NoAdware offers the usual scanning and removal of parasites, but the scanning options are much more limited than the other products. It also offers protection via shields. This means you can shield from ActiveX, and you can shield hosts file, cookies, IE home page etc.

This product still did a top job in removing the spyware on my test machine, but the feature set is not yet up to the standards of the other products.


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$37 - 1 computer
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- Free trial download
- Scans for more than 40,000 different Spyware and Adware parasites
- Find threats including: Spyware, worms, hijackers, Adware, Malware, keyloggers, hacker tools, PC parasites and Trojan Horses
- Shield configuration
- Continual updates and development

Support: - Email support
- Live tech support
The Verdict:

Firstly I will say that NoAdware did a nice job in removing the parasites from my test machine. After about 2-3 runs everything was gone. I did not notice any reinfection after this.

This product is behind in its interface and feature set. The software is very basic and some users may have a bit of trouble finding how to configure certain options. For example, the scanning options and scan scheduling are a bit limited.

The good thing with this product is the shields that it offers, but again the configuration only allows an on/off type setting.

A nice product, but for the same money you can get much better value in XoftSpySE or ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware.

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