Security is vital if you want to keep your computer working for years. Computer security requires keeping your system away from unauthorized access and other threats like virus, Trojan horses, hackers, intruders, spyware, and phishing attacks. There are several effective ways to keep to your PC in a good position. Some of the best measures are listed below.

The best and widely accepted way to keep your PC secure is to install anti-virus software and update it timely. Some of the anti-virus software updates on their own whereas there are other which needs to be updated manually. Therefore such antivirus softwares must be checked regularly for validity and re-install them as soon as they expire.

It is also important to install security patches. Every software is susceptible to unwanted vulnerabilities; it is therefore required to keep windows updated and also apply updates to all the softwares in your system. Another important area where safety is necessary is if you have internet access on your system. Being connected to the internet always poses risks, therefore firewalls form an important part of your PC security. Also, while opening email attachments or certain files, which are already infected, without scanning them makes your PC liable to be infected by viruses. In fact most of the PC infections are caused by email. 

To ensure your PC secure, it is also required to secure your browser as some legal sites are implanted with malicious JavaScript which can install Malware on your system. Be wary of any site that tries to install scripts on your system.  Instant messaging also exposes your system to be infected by worms and Trojans. These are just like emails and have equal threat to the system.

Another thing that is reported in large numbers is the emails in your inbox telling of sad stories, job offers or lotto wins and many offers from ecommerce websites. These are nothing but clever ways to fool you. Another thing to note so as to keep your PC safe is to avoid P2P and distributed file sharing. There are many file sharing networks, eg: Morpheus, Kazaa etc, and many files here are loaded with viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and many other things that are dangerous for your system. Such things should be strictly avoided.

You should have a frequent PC scan to ensure your system is free of malware like worms, Trojans, viruses etc. The system should have good antivirus software, which is the best way to keep your system safe. You can also keep the backup of your important files and data. Enhance the security of your browser. It is also essential to install software or a hardware firewall. You should set a strong password for your PC to avoid unwanted access to your data. 

Follow the tips above and you can stay safe.