A US-based IT security vendor, says it has spotted the widespread deployment of malware hidden inside campaign videos for presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

In one test, of 34 search results for “Obama Speech” on FrostWire, 14 of the results produced contained active malware. Of the 19 search results for “McCain Speech,” five were found out.

The most common malware variant spreading through this method is W32/Zipwire. Users become infected with the malware after downloading a zip file with a name such as “Democratic Convention 2008 — Barack Obama Acceptance Speech.zip.” The contents of these zip files contain executable files (such as Setup.exe). When run, these files infect the host machine with random malware, including rogue antivirus applications, which detect fake security issues on the infected machine in order to entice users to buy the rogue application for disinfection.

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