In todays online world most people have at least 5-10 passwords that they must remember. Many of us will have alot more than that.

With so many different online services, banking, email, social sites etc etc, the number of usernames and passwords can become crazy. If you are managing this by just using one username/password for everything, you are putting yourself at great risk. There are still many sites that do not store encrypted passwords. So if anyone ever got access to your password, they could have a field day.

You could write down all of your passwords on a piece of paper or store them on a computer file somehwere, but that is also not a very secure solution. So lets look at some of the better ways to safely manage your passwords.

Secure Password Management

Either of these methods will provide a safe way for you to store and retrieve your passwords:

1) Store Your Password File on an Encrypted Drive
An encrypted drive is like a hidden storage vault on your PC and they are very secure. You can save any type of files to these vaults, they act just like a normal hard drive when mounted. When not mounted, nobody would know it exists. Even if the vault was detected, it would be almost impossible to break in without the password.

With your encrypted drive setup, you can then create a plain text password file and keep all of your details updated in this file and saved in the vault. You can try this out free, with Cryptainer, which is a great product. Their free version provides more than enough space for saving password files.

2) Password Management Software
We recently started testing some password management software and the results were quite impressive.

We found a nice free program called Password Safe. With this you can add in all of your usernames/passwords, they can be managed by groups, easily copied to the clipboard, you can setup autotype, multiple databases and much more. The program runs in the system tray, so you have fast access whenever you need to accesss a username/password.

The data is stored in encrypted files and a master password is needed to access the program. So you will need to create a very strong master password. The program has a bunch of other cool features, check it out here, it’s 100% free.

Another nice little password application is called password saver. This is a commercial product, but we really liked the features and usability. Click here to download Password Saver