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Remove the Toolbar

A toolbar is a row, column, or block of onscreen buttons or icons that, when clicked, activate certain functions of the program. Third-party browser toolbars also add functionality for the end user, they are typically considered a White elephant, due to security flaws introduced between the toolbar and browser programs.

Many toolbars are just a method for introducing virus's or trojan horses into the users computer. The toolbar is just this, it uses adware and spyware to affect the users machine. is a browser hijacker that hijacks start and search page settings to point to the site. There are many variants under this spyware. It may endanger your online security because it downloads and executes arbitrary code without your consent. It is installed by ActiveX from affiliate sites and by popup ads.

The toolbar changes your homepage and search page to point to sites affiliated with Shortcut icons are added to the desktop and to your Favorites menu. Running the software may cause many dial-up connection requests to appear if you use a modem to connect to the Internet and are not connected.

The risk impact of a toolbar is very high could be a bad security risk for your computer. You must immediately remove all traces of the toolbar from your machine as it would be very insecure.

You must scan your machine for dangerous spyware and remove it with appropriate software. Click the link below to access the web's most popular spyware remover.

Remove the toolbar