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I'm not here to ask questions about what is on your machine or what you have been surfing for on the internet, but you may have problems when other people browse on your machine. Just like your car or yourself a computer needs a regular clean out to help with speed and security. The best method for this is to clean up your history from search engine toolbars and the saved history within your machine by using an Internet Eraser.

When you use any search engine or internet browser both your machine and the toolbars saves this information, this can be very handy for finding older sites but can be dangerous for the security on your machine and any potential embarrassment. And it is not just internet url's that your machine will store, it also keeps images, text files, video files and other potential dangerous files. It only takes a few days for a list of thousands of cached files to start ending up in your internet history.

Most people know how to do a basic 'clear history' action on their machine, but that only removes a small fraction of the cached files within your machine. You really need the appropriate software to totally clean up all the saved and cached files from your histories on both the toolbars and from your machine. That is the biggest mistake most people make, they clean up a fraction of their computer and believe they are completely safe - you are not!

You now may be thinking that you do not want all of your saved files and cookies removed as you may have some saved url's or passwords you want to remain, well with the internet eraser software you can chose what you want to keep and what you want to remain. This means you can visit your favorite adult site, delete your internet history and keep passwords etc for your work sites.

If you want to make sure your machine is totally clean of any nasty cached file then you can click the link below and start cleaning out your machine now;

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