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Erase Your Internet History

If you use the internet regulary for either business or pleasure you will certainly build up a large list of saved things such as passwords and surfing history. To be sure that your computer is totally safe from other eyes you need to completly erase your history on a regular basis.

Your computer can hold such things as payments, transactions, online banking details, user names, account details, credit card numbers, cookies, junk files, internet search history (will include any 'private' sites such as adult) and browser history. The information here can be a security risk if anyone else got their hands on it or a great embarrassment if others can see what sites you have visited on the internet.

To make sure your computer is completely safe, and that you can continue with your everyday internet usage you must use a internet eraser software. The internet eraser software ensures that every part of your computer is safe from unwanted visitors, who may want to find some of your files. To delete such unwanted files from your computer, some internet eraser software's also includes a Media Player history eraser, a real Player history eraser, and porn tracks eraser and it deletes the unwanted files permanently.

Most of the internet eraser software's also has Google search history, Yahoo search history, and MSN search history eraser, and supports almost all major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and Firefox.

Internet eraser software will also ensure that your office or home office is safe from hackers, viruses and other invasions. This is also great for offices, as you can not be sure what your employees get up to all the time.

You need to download this internet eraser software now so that you will be safe, just click the link below to get a free copy.

Erase your internet history

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