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ActiveX - Is it safe or just Spware?

ActiveX is Microsoft technology used for developing reusable object oriented software components. ActiveX is not a programming language but sets of rules that guide the way applications run on windows. ActiveX is a technology that was developed to bring the power of Object Linking and Embedding or OLE as it is popularly known, to empower web browsers and particularly Internet Explorer.

Most people when surfing the web will at some time have seen a prompt to download an activeX control so that their program can load. When the browser loads a web page that has embedded ActiveX components, the browser uses the 'CLASSID' information on the Web page's 'OBJECT' statement to ascertain if the control is already present on your system. If the user does not have the correct activeX control the browser uses the 'CODEBASE' information to download the control and install it. Once the activeX control is installed in your registry you will be able to run the program.

The majority of all activeX control on the internet are safe but there still are some dodgy ones out there that can load malicious program onto your machine. To be sure that you are not downloading any bad activeX you must first be sure that the site you are downloading from is safe, and that your security level set to Medium or above in Internet Explorer.

When this malicious software enters the registry they can play havoc with the system. This includes some ActiveX controls that are designed to disrupt the operating system and are presented to the user as a useful download.

Many errors can also be seen from activeX, these occur when to many controls enter your registry and clutter things up slowing your machine down dramatically. You may also have picked up some spyware or adware by the downloading of malicous activeX, you have to completely delete all the dangerous controls so that your machine cannot get affected. Download a free registry cleaner to get rid of all your useless and dangerous activeX controls so that your computer will run faster with no more errors or spyware.

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